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The Real World Paris Reunion Special

Season 13, Episode 26 - Air Date: 11/11/2003
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Paris: Episode 25

Season 13, Episode 25 - Air Date: 11/4/2003
What do you get when you combine an argument over who ate who's pizza and a super-sized order of sappiness unleashed at a fondue restaurant?
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Paris: Episode 24

Season 13, Episode 24 - Air Date: 11/4/2003
Ever since Kate visited Ace in Paris, they have been having a hard time. When All-American Ace calls his sweetheart, he either gets an answering machine or she only wants to talk for a few minutes, so he's finally putting two and two together and is pretty sure that their time is up.
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Paris: Episode 23

Season 13, Episode 23 - Air Date: 10/28/2003
Adam is on the prowl again. Christina says Adam is such a pimp because he brings new girls in the house all the time.
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Paris: Episode 22

Season 13, Episode 22 - Air Date: 10/21/2003
CT is on the s-t list again. Simon tells his roommates about how CT put him into a headlock while they were taking a picture.
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Paris: Episode 21

Season 13, Episode 21 - Air Date: 10/14/2003
Leah thought she lost that loving feeling, but with Giuseppe in her life, she realizes it's not gone, gone, gone, wooooh.
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Paris: Episode 20

Season 13, Episode 20 - Air Date: 10/7/2003
CT and ex-girlfriend Jamie tour the sights of Paris and he says having her here is making his trip more enjoyable.
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Paris: Episode 19

Season 13, Episode 19 - Air Date: 9/30/2003
The guys of the house venture out to play basketball and Adam notices a lot of pent up anger and aggression in CT.
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Paris: Episode 18

Season 13, Episode 18 - Air Date: 9/23/2003
The roommates return to a messy house after their trip around Europe. Ace feels like he cleans the house more than anyone, but it's a thankless job and no one every notices his good deeds.
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Paris: Episode 17

Season 13, Episode 17 - Air Date: 9/16/2003
The roommates are excited to be in Rome and they tour the city with Leah's friend Matt from college and go out at night.
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Paris: Episode 16

Season 13, Episode 16 - Air Date: 9/9/2003
The roommates take the train to Florence, Italy and step off into the Italian city de amore. They divide into groups to explore the city.
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Paris: Episode 15

Season 13, Episode 15 - Air Date: 9/2/2003
The roommates receive information about their upcoming vacation and learn that they have the power to plan the entire trip.
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Paris: Episode 14

Season 13, Episode 14 - Air Date: 8/26/2003
Simon, Leah and Christina ridicule Mallory and her collection of shoes, which they think lack a certain femininity.
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Paris: Episode 13

Season 13, Episode 13 - Air Date: 8/19/2003
Ace is ready for a visit from his girlfriend Kate. ""The roommates in the house are getting hotter and hotter,"" he jokes.
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Paris: Episode 12

Season 13, Episode 12 - Air Date: 8/12/2003
The roommates gather at the Frommer's office with advisor David, and in a conference call with boss man Brice, they learn they won't receive a bonus due to their incomplete assignment.
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Paris: Episode 11

Season 13, Episode 11 - Air Date: 8/5/2003
After the night of the rowdy pool game, the roomies must get their assignment done and emailed to Brice by 6pm.
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Paris: Episode 10

Season 13, Episode 10 - Air Date: 7/29/2003
Christina concludes that although they live together and work together, the roommates don't really know a lot about each other on a personal level.
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Paris: Episode 9

Season 13, Episode 9 - Air Date: 7/22/2003
Mallory is tip-toeing around the house lately because she's afraid of Leah's evil looks and her wrath that ultimately follows.
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Paris: Episode 8

Season 13, Episode 8 - Air Date: 7/15/2003
Adam is still trying to pull chicks wherever he goes. Here a chick; there a chick; everywhere a chick-chick.
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Paris: Episode 7

Season 13, Episode 7 - Air Date: 7/8/2003
Valentine's Day is near and if amour with a side of drama tickles your fancy, then there's plenty of that at The Real World chateau on this lover's holiday.
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Paris: Episode 6

Season 13, Episode 6 - Air Date: 7/1/2003
The roommates receive their first assignment for Frommer's. They must review different shopping districts and stores in Paris.
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Paris: Episode 5

Season 13, Episode 5 - Air Date: 6/24/2003
Wondering when things were gonna get petty in Paris? How about, like, right now. ""You know, I haven't taken a hot shower since I've been here,"" Leah barks at CT.
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Paris: Episode 4

Season 13, Episode 4 - Air Date: 6/17/2003
Ace and Mallory frolic in the snow like two lovebirds. Mallory later insists to Simon that she will not act on her feelings for Ace.
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Paris: Episode 3

Season 13, Episode 3 - Air Date: 6/10/2003
Christina insists that she'd much rather date a guy who can cook her eggs exactly the way she likes them, rather than a guy who's good in bed.
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Paris: Episode 2

Season 13, Episode 2 - Air Date: 6/3/2003
The new roommates are out partying until the wee hours of the morning at a club called Le Paris. The girls get wild by dancing on the bar and Leah, puffing on a cigarette, flirts with Ace.
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Paris: Episode 1

Season 13, Episode 1 - Air Date: 6/3/2003
This season, The Real World cast members find themselves jetting off to Europe for a stay at a chateau in the romantic setting of Paris, France.