Welcome to Las Vegas!

Season 12, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 9/17/2002
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As the boys work out in the hotel gym, the subject at hand is girls, girls, girls. Steven is still trying to convince Frank that he has it all sewn up with Trishelle while at the same time informing everyone that he‘s not attracted to Brynn. He‘d ""stick her"" if the opportunity arose but he‘s not squirreling for her nuts. Meanwhile, Trishelle asks Brynn what she thinks about Frank. ""What do YOU think about Frank?"" Brynn retorts. Trishelle states that he has certain qualities that she looks for in a guy, but that she also finds herself physically attracted to Steven. ""I really don‘t want to get involved with one of my roommates, but if it happens, it‘s out of my control,"" explains Trishelle.Later, a discussion takes place concerning Steven‘s wedding and bride, who he is newly separated from. Brynn could care less about Steven‘s nuptials. What‘s that got to do with her and her getting with him? While Brynn is bored with the married guy, Frank‘s opportunity to get closer to Trishelle arri