Touchy Situations

Season 12, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 10/8/2002
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There‘s something going on between Marc and Irulan. Their not-so-subtle flirting is turning into them spending a lot of time together and some pretty heavy physical interaction. Because Marc is her boss, Irulan doesn‘t really know how to let him know that its going to far. And maybe, she wants it to go a little farther. While she doesn‘t find him hot, he is smart and funny and she‘s feeling a little lonely and missing Gabe and so the playful touching might be okay, they might even be able to sleep in the same bed together but she doesn‘t want anything more.When Marc tries to take it there, she is upset about it and the girls in the house start calling him a ‘molester.‘ Alton, not wanting Marc to get a reputation he might not deserve, encourages Irulan to deal with the situation rather than spread rumors about him.Meanwhile, Frank, again, has put his foot in his mouth. While talking to a friend back home, he jokes about and with Arissa and its funny for awhile. When he calls Arissa th