The Next Step

Season 12, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 12/10/2002
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Brynn‘s been spending a lot of time with Mo. Mo‘a a cool guy. The restof her roommates like him. It should be happy happy fun time. Theproblem is that Brynn‘s also been talking a lot with Austin, a boy shemet a week before coming to Vegas. Brynn likes Austin too. He‘s reallychill, he smells nice, and he makes her feel special. When Austin comesto visit, Brynn‘s caught in a kind of love triangle. As she explains,""She‘s going out with two boys and she can have both of them.""Meanwhile, Trishelle still hasn‘t taken a pregnancy test to find out whyshe is late and nauseous. The girls pled with her to take the test butshe keeps putting it off until Steven buys her one. Steven is ready forwhatever may come. He thinks he‘d make a great dad and while being afather wasn‘t something he planned on doing right now, he‘d be happyabout it. Frank reminds him though that while it would be a gorgeouskid, it might not be so smar