Public Displays

Season 12, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 11/26/2002
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All Frank wants is a good girl. But when you‘re hanging out with Steven in Strip Clubs and spending all your time performing and promoting in sexy clubs, the ""good girls"", at least in Frank‘s mind, are hard to come by. That is until he meets Melanie, a nice southern lady in town for Spring Break. The two hit it off and have a great time together.They end up back in the suite searching for a little privacy. Not wanting to disturb Alton, they go into the confessional for some closed door kissing. When Brynn enters the dark room, she sees what she thinks is a naked ass and proceeds to tell her roommates that someone‘s having sex in the confessional. Arissa, having had enough of the public displays nakedness by Alton, proceeds to go ballistic. Yelling throughout the sweet, ""whoever is in the confessional having sex better get their skank out of there.""When Frank comes out, she‘s shocked. After he puts Melanie in a cab, he pulls Arissa aside and the two have it out. Arissa admits that she