Las Vegas: Episode 17

Season 12, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 1/14/2002
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Jean surprises the cast with the revelation that they are going to Australia to do some promoting and performing for the Palms. Everyone is very excited as they realize that this will be an amazing vacation. They have to hustle to get ready and prepared for the trip, although Jean is not happy with how they are taking their job for granted. He reminds them that he can fire them and that there are serious repurcussions to getting kicked off the show!Meanwhile, Steven tells Trishelle that he loves her. He‘s drunk and they are lying in bed together though, so it doesn‘t count apparently. Trishelle, however, thinks it does count and Arissa agrees. ""A drunk mouth speaks a sober mind"" she says. Frank completely understands what Steven means, though. He surmises, ""You love Trishelle like you love the sky."" When Trishelle confronts Steven about the utterance, the two have a heart to heart and Steven decides for both of them that it‘s better if they don‘t date. Trishelle breaks dow