Whine and Cheese

Season 7, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 5/8/2012
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From Bravo: Slade ponders proposing to Gretchen, while Vicki hosts a party to share Briana‘s big news.

‘The Real Housewives of Orange County‘ Recap: The Pot, the Kettle, and the Wine Tasting

Tamra and Vicki go to a bra fitting for Tamra‘s new boobs. Vicki insists she is NOT the "FF" they say she is, and Tamra can‘t believe she‘s still a D cup. Plastic surgeons and bra makers live in two different worlds. Vicki is choosing not to even talk about Brianna‘s secret wedding that was revealed last week. So there you have it, when you are uncomfortable with something, just ignore it and maybe it will go away.Vicki is personally offended that Brianna robbed her of the experience of planning a wedding. It‘s always all about her. She has cried about it four nights in a row. But Vicki has decided to suck it up and "realize that it‘s not about me." Good luck, Vick.
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