Whine Pairings

Season 6, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 5/1/2011
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From Bravo: Alexis causes a scene at Peggy and Micah‘s annual dinner party.

Slings and Sorrows at the ‘RHOC‘ Dinner Party

Peggy and Micah are hosting their big, exclusive dinner party (you know, the one they hired Susan Feniger for -- but they don‘t want to do tacos because that‘s for pool parties). Dinner parties are THE thing for rich people to do, but I feel like they never go well on this show. Peggy is hoping that the Housewives will leave their DRAMA at the DOOR. Not likely, Pegs. I call her Pegs now because I feel like we‘ve really gotten to know her over the last few episodes.Gretchen is getting her hair done for the party and wonders if Eddie will be there. She thinks that men might as well light themselves on fire if they‘re going to date Tamra. Her stylist asks if she‘s going to marry Slade, and she‘s like, "Uhhhhh ..." because come on, she doesn‘t want to. Slade can‘t go to the party.
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