It's Not a Competition

Season 6, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 5/8/2011
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From Bravo: Tamra, Vicki, and Peggy head off to Temecula for a day of wine tasting and gossip.

The Real Entrepreneurs of ‘Orange County‘

Oh god, Alexis and her husband Jim. In the wake of Peggy‘s dinner party, everything is the worst. Alexis and Peggy aren‘t really getting along (and Alexis won‘t speak on behalf of her husband because blah blah blah whatever), and Vicki is pissed at Donn for drinking too much and being rude. Vicki is really shutting down. Gretchen‘s going on a show called San Antonio Living to sell her makeup line and her handbag line. Slade is joining her for the first half, and Alexis, Peggy, and Fernanda are joining Gretchen for the second half. As Gretchen packs, Peggy is going wine tasting with Tamra and Vicki. Whose side are you on, Peggy?
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