The Chanels of Venice

Season 2, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 8/9/2010
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Teresa, Caroline and Jacqueline set sail on a cruise to Italy with their families, but the mix of three family generations can make for some rough waters. Back in Jersey and with the other wives away, Danielle slyly maneuvers onto enemy turf.

‘Real Housewives of New Jersey‘: The Italian Job

Joe Has a ‘Mission Impossible‘ MomentRight away, Joe was in an accident and yes, Jacqueline, it did look bad. The car was upside down! But I guess Joe is okay, and "wasn‘t drinking." But that‘s not how Danny‘s going to tell it! According to Danny, he was arrested for a DWI. According to Joe, it was a big yawn (huh?) and he‘s "lucky the car didn‘t catch on fire" because Joe‘s life is an action movie.Danielle cites Karma as, still, the biggest bitch in town. Then she says, "I‘m just gonna continue  living in the love and light that they make fun of, while their darkness rains upon them." YES. But that rain cloud of darkness will have to move and hang over Italy for a while, because Caroline, Jacqueline, and Teresa are planning on going.
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