Posche Spite

Season 2, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 6/28/2010
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Caroline has lunch with two of her sisters (not seen before on the show) to discuss Albie. Jacqueline and Teresa lunch with Kim D., owner of Posche, who invites them to a fashion show Danielle may attend. Danielle hears that Kim D. asked Jacqueline and Teresa, goes to Posche to confront Kim, claims the desk clerk desk insulted her and refuses to shop there again. Jacqueline‘s daughter Ashley agrees to model at the fashion show. Caroline wants her husband to retire but he only considers cutting back his work hours. Danielle arrives late for the show with Kim G. and a bodyguard. Because Kim D. sits with Jacqueline and Teresa at the show, Danielle feels that Kim D. arranged the show to insult her. After the show, Teresa tries to have a conversation with Danielle. Despite Kim G.‘s efforts to keep everyone calm, Danielle is unpleasant with Teresa.

‘Real Housewives of New Jersey‘ Disturb the Peace ... Again

As if we even cared, Caroline met with some of the other women in her family to laugh about how they all look like the same man wearing different wigs (I editorialize). They also discussed Albie‘s stunted journey through law school. Meanwhile, Teresa and Jacqueline meet up with Kim "D" (D for Drunk-most-of-the-time) to talk about everyone‘s favorite subject: Danielle. Kim‘s throwing a party and Danielle will probably be there, which is reason enough for no one else to go. But Teresa feels obligated, so a-confronting we will go!
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