Don't Drink the Holy Water

Season 2, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 8/2/2010
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Dina stops by to celebrate with the ladies for the christening of Teresa and Joe‘s new baby girl, Audriana. Unfortunately, troubling issues develop afterward. Meanwhile, Danielle tries to forge harmony with her ex-flame while also getting into a fierce confrontation with her supposed friend Kim G. Later, Caroline, Teresa and Jacqueline try to flee from all the prima-donna drama by planning a trip to Venice.

NJ ‘Housewives‘ Deal with Christenings and Double Cross-enings

The Real Awkward Moments in New JerseyTo prove that her baby is real, Teresa is throwing a "Big Fat Italian Christening" for Audriana. To prove that Christine is a real woman, Danielle is taking her to her first OBGYN appointment. Is it just me or is Danielle the LAST person you would ever want to come along with you for a doctor‘s appointment?Christine was uncomfortable, the doctor was uncomfortable, I was uncomfortable, birds flew into sliding glass doors and planes dropped out of the sky. Meanwhile, Chris plays pool with John "G," Kim G‘s son.  Kim G heard that the camera crew was downstairs so she threw on her ugliest sweater and came downstairs to talk about things that Chris and John would never, ever talk about. Awkward silence at the pool table.
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