Country Clubbed

Season 2, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 7/12/2010
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Teresa and Danielle face off at the Posche fashion show, the cops intervene, and the fight is retold from both sides.

The New Jersey ‘Housewives‘ Catch More Flies with "Honey"

They made us wait an extra week for it, but it‘s finally here. The Big Season 2 Altercation! Danielle has been all kinds of crazy this season, so most of us have already sided with Teresa, but Teresa‘s not totally sane either. Also, I would like to point to Kim "Not Actually a Housewife" G‘s behavior. It felt sort of like watching The Dog Whisperer where the owners bring Cesar Millan in to take care of their normally aggressive dog, but then it‘s the other dog who‘s starting all the fights. In this case, the other dog is Kim G. Sneaky biyatch. And this DID go down like a dog fight; it was totally explosive. Also, Kim G. looks like Michelle Pfeiffer as cat woman after she "dies" in
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