Bubbies Gone Bad

Season 2, Episode 8 -  Air Date: 6/21/2010
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Caroline is devastated because her son Albie did poorly in law school and may not be able to continue his studies. Danielle has surgery to correct her third breast enhancement operation. Teresa holds an elaborate housewarming party.

New Jersey ‘Housewives‘ Tend to Their Housekids and Houseboobs

Tonight‘s episode was primarily about parents taking care of their children . . . boobs can be children too. Sans Dina (but plus a bedazzled hat), Teresa, Caroline, and Jacqueline have decide to press forward. But first, Danielle has to get something off her chest . . . a nasty, hard, infected fake boob. Thank God for DVR, because I would have spent most of the episode vomiting and missing crucial information about Danielle‘s boobs. The time has come for Danielle to get her fourth breast augmentation. But who‘s counting?
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