Paradise Cost

Season 1, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 2/22/2011
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From Bravo: We meet the ladies of Miami, who can weather the heat, even if it‘s of the drama variety.

‘The Real Housewives of Miami‘ Warm Things Up a Little

The barely-anticipated premiere of The Real Housewives of Miami is upon us. Are you ready to meet the new ‘wives? Whether or not you‘re ready is irrelevant, you‘re meeting them anyway. The vibe in Miami is free, sexual, and expensive. Party all day in Miami, why not? So let‘s see what has washed up on the shores of Miami for us to look at.Meet Lea! She "collects" outrageous people. She also considers herself outrageous and lives her life accordingly. Hi, Dennis Rodman, Lea‘s friend! She also commissioned a creepy, uncanny valley-esque painting of her son, who looks like an 8-year old Andrew McCarthy‘s character in
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