Jewels Be Dangled

Season 4, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 11/27/2011
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Kandi plans her 35th birthday bash despite a case of the biological clock blues.

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ Recap: A Ridiculous Birthday Party

Phaedra and Kim meet post-baby shower to re-hash how everyone "was on their best behavior," excluding Apollo and Peter, of course. Phaedra apologizes on Apollo‘s behalf, and she came bearing gifts. Cynthia, on the other hand, hasn‘t said anything to Kim and didn‘t bring a gift ever. Kim says Peter is entirely too old to be yelling at a baby shower, which begs the question, how old is too old to yell at a baby shower?Cynthia‘s got her own problems to deal with, though, namely that her sister and Peter don‘t like each other. She brings them together to have a conversation, and it goes awkwardly. Peter is upset that Malorie thought about hiding the marriage certificate from them on their wedding day to prevent the marriage, and Malorie doesn‘t like Peter because he‘s kind of a dick. They start yelling at each other, and Cynthia returns to intervene. Peter leaves to cool off and Malorie cries.
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