Season 3, Episode 13 -  Air Date: 1/9/2011
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Phaedra is worried about having Kim at their ultra southern baby debut - Ayden‘s Sip n‘ See party.

‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘ Sip, See, and Go On Tour

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are back! I really, honestly missed them over the holidays. And they‘re back with Kim and Kandi‘s bus tour! Glorious. I‘m learning new things from Phaedra every week. For example, now we know what a "Sip and See" baby-viewing party is. I googled it and it turns out Phaedra did not make it up! Remember how Kim and Phaedra kind of got into it? Well, they did, and Phaedra hasn‘t forgotten it. Naturally, Phaedra is citing jealousy as Kim‘s/everyone‘s primary motivation for gossiping about her. I do feel bad for Apollo, though, and baby Ayden; they probably didn‘t need to be dragged into things. Plus, after his appearance on
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