Trial And Error

Season 1, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 3/18/1997
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SYNOPSIS OF THIRD EPISODE This episode was a contrast in emotions, from extreme gravity, to moments of levity, with some hard-ball tossed in for good measure. It began with the introduction of new client Dr. Gerald Braun and his wife Roberta. Their daughter Donna had been violently killed by Ronald Martin, who is claiming he was temporarily insane. Martin had been Donna‘s boy friend, but she was trying to break it off. The trial, in which the beleaguered prosecutor Borgue must cross examine the priest who has testified for Martin, has been a grueling ordeal for the Brauns. It shows most on Dr. Braun. His outbursts of hostility are frequent. Bobby will handle the civil lawsuit for wrongful death against the defendant, once the criminal trial is over. Right now he is trying to provide comfort and counsel to his two clients, while at the same time he leads a desperate search to find a former girl friend of Ronald Martin. She may be able to testify that he brutalized her in the past. Th