Season 1, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 3/4/1997
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In the first episode, we were able to get acquainted with the principal characters by following them around and watching them interact. We got to see how they cover for each other, how they back each other up. Ellenor began with an appearance on behalf of ""Free Willy,"" a repeat offender on an indecent exposure charge. Then she passed ""Free Willy"" off to Eugene, who had just rescued Office Manager Rebecca from the early advances of client Cruickshank the check-passer. Ellenor then went on to back Bobby up as second chair in the defense of Rachel Reynolds, which became the principal trial of the hour.In the Reynolds case, we saw Bobby Donnell under maximum pressure, terrified by having to defend seventeen year-old Rachel Reynolds on a cocaine possession charge that would have sent her to prison for a minimum of fifteen years. He was able to coax an acquittal out of a case in which the state proved that Rachel had custody and control of over a hundred thousand dollars worth of street-pac