Part IV

Season 1, Episode 4 -  Air Date: 3/25/1997
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SYNOPSIS OF FOURTH EPISODE This episode was filled with high drama and gritty action: certainly not just another average day in the life of ""The Practice."" It saw the culmination of the tobacco case and the bloody collapse of the Ronald Martin homicide prosecution.You had the opportunity to see the attorneys in ""The Practice"" function together in their effort to prepare Lindsay for the Opening Statement of her life. Never mind that it happened to be her first jury trial. There may never be anything like it again. David vs. the tobacco Goliath. A task which is nearly impossible. As the trial loomed, you saw Lindsay suffer all of the pressure cascading around her. And although it appeared she would buckle, in the end, she pulled it out.And when the trial finally began, Lindsay‘s opening was phenomenal. Great television. In summarizing what the Plaintiffs were prepared to do, Lindsay fully used her opportunity to lay out the health case against tobacco companies everywhere.As it tur