Kevin Malone

Kevin Malone (Brian Baumgartner) is a character on the popular TV show 'The Office'. Kevin is an accountant for the Dunder Mifflin Paper Distributor Company. He is a quiet man who makes a lot of sarcastic, blunt, and often times offensive comments about the other employees. It is a running joke throughout the series that his pastime includes looking at pornography on the computer. Kevin is engaged to a woman named Stacy (Trish Gates) who is the fourth woman to whom he has proposed and the first to say yes. He does not have a lot of responsibility at Dunder Mifflin as he mostly shreds company documents. Kevin also suffers from a foot condition called Planters and Angela (Angela Kinsey) is often disgusted by his feet.

Memorable Quotes:

"I know what's right, but I'm not gonna say because you're all jerks who didn't come see my band last night."

" I get very nervous talking to pretty girls. Seriously, feel how sweaty my hand is. "