Top 12 Perform Bob Dylan...From Baby Blue to Maggie's Farm

Season 1, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 10/26/2007
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In week 2 of TNGAB, the 12 remaining bands perform for viewer votes. Each band was assigned a Bob Dylan song to perform in their own style plus one original song. Detailed recap:The show opens with Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. It goes pretty well. Dicko wasn‘t crazy about it. Next up is The Hatch doing some Bob Dylan, "It‘s All Over Now, Baby Blue." Who knew that Dylan plugging in back in the day in Newport would eventually lead to this? That leads into an original number. The judges liked some parts, disliked others.Third is Light of Doom covering "All Along The Watchtower." Surely these kids can relate to the song‘s message about oppression by the man. Their original song is even heavier. Johnny liked it, Sheila E. liked it a little less and Dicko liked it even less. He also would like them to cover up their hairless chests.The Likes of You is covering "Blowin‘ in the Wind." After the up tempo rendition, they move into an original song that sounds fairly similar. The judges were a bit tepid in their reactions. Following that is Rocket. They are "Knockin‘ On Heaven‘s Door" and then knocking out their original tune. The judges liked them. Now we have Cliff Wagner and the Old No. 7 with "Don‘t Think Twice (It‘s All Right)." What a perfect theme night for this band. The judges liked both songs, though Dicko thought the Dylan cover was too sweet and lacking the spite of the original.In the auditions, The Muggs described themselves as the ugliest band in the world. But they rock and that‘s all that matters. "Meet Me In The Morning," won‘t you? Johnny loved the tightness and bond of the band, Sheila E. loved it and Dicko just wants some commitment to the vocals.The Clark Brothers aren‘t going to work on "Maggie‘s Farm" no more. The judges mainly liked them except for Dicko being Dicko. Très Bien! Sure are some happy fellows there. They made the judges happy as well.Franklin Bridge gets all "Tangled Up In Blue" before their original song. Johnny liked them, Sheila E. thinks they‘re going to win and Dicko continues being contrarian. The lead singer of Dot Dot Dot got naked in the intro piece. In public Dot Dot Dot actually gets the harshest judge commentary of the evening.The closing act is Sixwire, performing "Mr. Tambourine Man." The judges absolutely flat out plainly loved them.And that wraps up this week.