Season 1, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 10/19/2007
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In the desert heat near Las Vegas the judges choose 12 bands which will go on to the show from the thousands of live auditions, DVD submissions,and internet submissions. Detailed recap:There were thousands of auditions, hundreds of DVDs and thousands of internet submissions. Who will be the next great American band? Tres Bien says they were raised on ‘60s sounds and it shows. Tres Bien will be taking their English influence and French name into the next round. On the other side of the break is Light of Doom. On the judging, Dicko says no, Sheila E. says yes and then says yes again for Johnny. The Hatch is of a more traditional band age. On the strength of their good looking lad of a lead singer, they‘re through to the next round. That brings us to The Clark Brothers, a family band with a traveling preacher father. That... uh... is actually the exact same backstory as Kings of Leon. Next up is Dot Dot Dot, not to be confused with ... or !!!. Rzeznik and Sheila E. are on board and although Dicko is a little shakier, Dot Dot Dot is through to Round 2. Like The Sizzling Happy Family, Northmont is off to the world of cul-de-sacs and birthday parties. Wait! Wait! Northmont is getting a second chance to take the judges‘ criticism and have another go at it.The Muggs are rock and rollers who know how to persevere. Their bassist, who was partially paralyzed from a stroke and now plays the bass line on keyboard, demonstrates their spirit as showed in how they rocked the stage. Kicking off Day 3 is Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. Other than Dicko calling Denver a nerd, the comments are positive and DATMHO moves on.Another Nashville band! Sixwire. Sixwire breezes into the next round. What are the chances Cliff Wagner and the Old No. 7 are from Nashville? San Pedro?! That‘s a port town! They should be playing... uh... port music. After a fast moving montage, we meet Franklin Bridge. They bring the funk to your face and succeed in their advancement attempt. From one all-girl band to another, we now have Rocket. Mothers, lock up your sons! Northmont is back and better than ever. Or... better than before. Actually, it seems not. But at least it wasn‘t Ward‘s fault. So after all of that, the judges powwowed and picked the twelve bands you‘ll have a chance to vote for. The Clark Brothers, Cliff Wagner and the Old No. 7, Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, Dot Dot Dot, Franklin Bridge, The Hatch, Light of Doom, The Likes of You, The Muggs, Rocket, Sixwire, Tres Bien. A perfect demographic mishmash!