O Twin, Where Are Thou?

Season 1, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 1/2/2012
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Sutton disappears following an argument with Emma and Ethan; Char‘s aunt returns to town.

‘The Lying Game‘ Recap: A Threatening Package for Emma

Lying hasn‘t been a part of my life since October 17 (well, not really anyway!) until tonight when it all came back with the return of the Lying Game on ABC Family -- and I must say, I was extremely pleased. The show left off with Emma just about to reveal her secret - that she has been pretending to be her long-lost identical twin sister, Sutton -- but aborted the plan when she thought she saw Annie, the woman who she and Sutton believe is her mother.So, does Sutton reappear in "O Twin, Where Art Thou?" Does Emma finally reveal the truth to her new family? And just who was in the car with Sutton when she drove off the pier into the water? Were the answers in tonight‘s episode? Let‘s find out.
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