The Bit Bucket

Season 5, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 10/6/2013
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From CBS: Alicia and Cary sue the NSA on behalf of search engine Chumhum, unaware that Lockhart/Gardner’s connection to a former client has resulted in the spy agency monitoring the firm’s communications.

‘The Good Wife‘ Recap: Game of Phones

Alicia‘s hurtling toward a future as head of her own firm, but this week the past casts shadows across just about everyone in her life. And in typical Good Wife fashion, the storyline couldn‘t be more present-tense, with an emphasis on "tense."Earlier cases come back to haunt Lockhart-Gardner. Diane must decide whether her ambition is more important than loyalty to Will. Alicia‘s mother, Veronica, lets guilt drive a crucial business decision. And two of Zach‘s ex-girlfriends cause trouble. (Hello, Becca!)
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