Season 1, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 1/12/2010
4 Ratings


Alicia and the kids have to deal with some really bad news and then she has to give Peter some information that will make him furious. Meanwhile, Alicia has to represent the doctor who prescribed the medication to a high school quarterback that appear to die from the painkiller overdose.

‘The Good Wife‘ Fan Columnist: ‘Painkiller‘ Recap

Even though The Good Wife hasn‘t finished its premiere season, watching previously aired episodes still has probative value. Last night‘s "Painkiller," first shown in January, is a case in point. Certain scenes become "ah ha" moments that take on more meaning in light of what‘s to come. This episode, about the overdose death of a popular high school football star, follows that M.O. throughout. And For the RecordAs is typical of many Good Wife episodes, the actual legal issues in "Painkiller" are in many ways less important than what we learn about continuing characters. In particular, much of the action revolves around people not being what they seem at first--and not just the pill-popping mom of the dead boy. 
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