Kalinda Sharma

Played by Archie Panjabi

Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi) on "The Good Wife" is the top in-house private investigator employed by the law firm. She previously worked for Peter Florrick (Chris Noth), the disgraced former State's Attorney of Cook Country, who fired her before his arrest. She often performs investigative work for Peter's wife, Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) who is now a junior litigator at the law firm.

Kalinda has a cynical and misanthropic outlook on human behavior, at least partly from seeing the worst of the people who she investigates. She struggles to make friends although after working closely with Alicia, the two become very good friends. During the first season, Kalinda starts working as a spy for Glenn Childs (Titus Welliver), the current Cook Country State's Attorney who leaked the Peter Florrick sex tape to the media and is trying to stop Peter from clearing his name.

Kalinda is very guarded about her private life, but has had a couple of romantic trysts with other women, including a kiss with Donna Seabrook (Lili Taylor). She is bisexual and has previously been involved with men, including feeling strongly for attorney Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry).

Memorable Quotes:

"You know what I like about you? You're three months into a ten-year sentence, and you're plotting your political comeback."

"You won. He lost. So you're gonna turn this into some morbid thing because that's who you are. So, let's go."

"Do you know how much you pay your jury consultants?"