Alicia Florrick

Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) is the central character of the television show "The Good Wife." Florrick is a publicly humiliated mother and wife of a politician recently arrested on charges of corruption. She finds herself supporting her family by taking a position as a junior lawyer at a well-known Chicago law firm. As Alicia struggles to regain her balance and keep her family afloat, the hits keep coming. She may be working as a lawyer, but it's been thirteen years since she last practiced law. Her husband Peter (Chris Noth), admits to having several sordid affairs with call-girls and prostitutes, further straining the relationship between them. Alicia's workplace is made more interesting by a past relationship with Will Gardner (Joshua Charles) a partner at her firm, who would like to kindle their past romantic relationship. She does seem to form a bond of trust throughout the first season with Kalinda Sharma (Archie Punjabi), the firm's in-house private investigator, who used to work for Alicia's husband, before he fired her.

The show begins with a flashback to six months before when Alicia watched her husband publicly announce his infidelities with various prostitutes live before the media. Six months later, she meets with her husband who tells her he is confident the charges against him will be dropped and things will return to normal; Alicia's reply; nothing will ever be normal again. As the episodes continue, Alicia continues to find her stride at work, while her two children, Zach (Graham Phillips) and Grace (Makenzie Vega), struggle with their own understanding of their father's fall from grace. They also try to protect their mother from damaging pictures of her husband's affairs that have been delivered anonymously to the house.

Meanwhile, Alicia continues to establish herself at work, competing for the one permanent position available against Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry) and working closely with Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski), the top litigator at the firm. As the first season progresses, the show balances Alicia's work with the firm with her husband's scandal and incorporates the two in several episodes. She visits her husband in jail during a conjugal visit, not for intimate relations, but to obtain information on a man he once prosecuted who is now part of one of her cases. Alicia also defends her husband in court, but the bail is denied and Peter is sent back to prison. The first season also shows Kalinda being hired by both Peter Florrick and Glenn Childs (Titus Welliver), a rival archenemy of Peter, who is playing double agent, leaving her loyalties in the air.

Towards the end of the first season, Peter is released home on house-arrest and things are tense between the couple. Will meanwhile pursues Alicia and they kiss passionately before she runs away. They later discuss the kiss and their growing attraction and Will leaves Alicia a voicemail in the first season finale telling her he loves her. She never receives the message as it is erased before she has a chance to hear it. Season 2 picks up at the very same point and the episodes have focused less on the dynamics between Alicia and Peter and more on the dynamics of the other members of the cast.

Memorable Quotes:

"Why don't you tell me when I do something right, okay?"

"If you're worried about my husband, Mr. Childs. You've obviously never made a woman angry."