Happy Birthday, Kendra!

Season 1, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 8/14/2005
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When you‘re one of Hef‘s girls, your birthday party isn‘t just a quaint gathering--it‘s an event. Kendra‘s 20th is a two-day celebration, which starts off with a trip to the 2005 Playboy Jazz Festival with the gang and her gorgeous pal Destiny. The group travels in a fully stocked bus and hangs out with adorning fans during the concert. Kendra and Destiny even shake their booty to a bit of hip-hop. The next day brings sunshine (after a questionable, cloudy morning) and some of Kendra‘s favorite things: gifts based on the Philadelphia Eagles and all things Mafia-related, volleyball, a barbecue feast and a visit from her family (she especially digs her playful grandma). The good times lead to heavy emotions when Kendra is overcome by all of the warmth and love from Hef, the other girls and her family. The love which surrounds Kendra becomes the best gift of all.