Fight Night

Season 1, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 8/28/2005
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Put up your dukes, it‘s Fight Night at the Mansion! And there‘s a whole lotta action inside--and outside--the ring. Hef‘s former girlfriend, legendary Playboy cover girl Barbi Benton, delivers a couple of low blows when she shows up at the Mansion to constantly reminisce about the old days and comment on the age of some of Hef‘s new girls. Ouch! Then there‘s a territory controversy when Bridget‘s newly adopted puppy rubs her cat Gizmo the wrong way. During the big boxing celebration, however, all of the beauties shine--especially Kendra--when they work as ring girls. But it‘s Holly who gets the knockout of the night when Barbi leaves, and she gets to go to bed with Hef. Holly is, after all, quite a fighter.