Vice President Raymond Jarvis

Played by Bill Smitrovich

Raymond Jarvis (Bill Smithrovich) is the Vice President of the United States in the new NBC hit series "The Event". Although he is from the opposing political party of President Martinez (Blair Underwood), he claimed to work in a bipartisan way in the best interest of the country. Jarvis unsuccessfully tried to persuade the President against releasing information about the Inostranka prisoners. President Martinez later learned that Jarvis was behind the assassination attempt on his life. After realizing he had been used and turned on, Jarvis was ready to tell the President everything but a failed assassination attempt on his own life and threats made to his family convinced him to keep his secret to himself.

Memorable Quotes

"Let me ask you a question, who investigates the investigator?"

"I'm sorry, but who are you talking about?"