Simon Lee

Simon Lee (Ian Anthony Dale) is a CIA agent on the television show "The Event". He is often seen accompanying Director Blake Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek) and the President of the United States, Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood).

Initially, Simon was responsible for preventing the takeoff of a plane, and was unable to do. Following this, he arrives at a desert and finds the dead bodies of all the passengers on the flight. Simon was seen talking to Sophia (Laura Innes) where he reveals that he has recaptured a prisoner who was willing to provide information about "the event" if they let him buy his freedom. The origin of these detainees was discussed between Director Sterling and President Martinez, when Simon informs them that the DNA of the detainees differs slightly from ours. He then goes with the two of them to visit the facility where the prisoners are kept. Simon often travels between his office, the prison facility in Inostranka, and the White House, but will go wherever his missions take him.

Without Simon, "The Event" would not be able to develop its plot as much as it has. He is very involved with the prisoners and has information about them that keeps the plot moving. Simon is very dedicated to his job and works hard to carry out the tasks that he is assigned.

Memorable Quotes:

"Do it now if you're going to do it"

"Their DNA is different from ours by one percent"

"I couldn't stop it - they're airborne."