Sean Walker

Played by Jason Ritter

Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) is a central character on the hit television show "The Event." Sean spent the better part of the first season searching for his kidnapped fiancée-to-be, Leila (Sarah Roemer). He is a man who is very much in love and devoted to her. His character is both genuine and intelligent. Being a computer programmer, Sean has some knowledge of code cracking and computer hacking. This comes in handy throughout the episodes that feature his search first for Leila, then for her little sister Samantha (Anna Clark).

"The Event" is a show that keeps the viewers guessing, as they never really know exactly what is going on or what will happen next. As a result, characters develop slowly, as is the case with Sean. At first he is just a love struck young man whisking his girlfriend away on a cruise to propose to her. Once realizing the danger he is in, he is seen as a bit impulsive, getting himself arrested in his desperation to find anyone who will believe his story.

In later episodes, Sean's character is revealed to be crafty and intelligent. He figures out how to sneak into secured areas and gains the trust of an FBI agent who aids him in his search first for Leila and then later for Samantha.

Sean is very open-minded as well. He does not have much trouble believing the conspiracy theory that is presented by Madeline (Paula Malcomson) when he and Leila meet her at Leila's deserted family home. Leila seems skeptical and can not really fathom how Sean is accepting of the wild story, but he seems to see it as puzzle pieces falling into place.

In flashbacks, Sean is shown as sensitive and a bit guarded about his past. It seems that his childhood was not as idyllic as Leila's was and he has some trouble revealing this to her family. They grow to love him as portrayed in the episodes featuring him seeking Michael's blessing for his proposal. Later, while on the run, Sean tells Leila that her family was his too, showing the depth of his emotion and devotion to them as well as to her.

Sean is the quintessential unlikely hero, someone who the audience can certainly relate to. A genuine yet flawed person thrown into a situation beyond his abilities, Sean acts in a way that people hope to emulate when put into similar dire straits.

Memorable Quotes:

"Open the door! You don't have to do this! Just open the door we can figure this out together but you have to open the door!"

"Well if it's a code then I can crack it, I can figure out who all these people are. I just need the right kind of hardware and CES encrypted hardline so that we can data mine without anyone knowing what we are doing."

"Hey, look at me. We're going to be all right, we're going to be okay. I love you so much, and I'm going to do everything."