Season 1, Episode 3 -  Air Date: 1/17/2011
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‘The Cape‘ Fan Columnist: A Contender for the Cape

Tonight, The Cape aired in its regular time slot, following last week‘s two-hour premiere. In the third episode, titled "Kozmo," we finally get some backstory on the cape, carnival leader Max Malini (Keith David) and Orwell (Summer Glau).Take the quiz: Test your knowledge of The Cape‘s first three episodesThe story begins in Russia as a man known as Gregor Molotov (Thomas Kretschmann) is being imprisoned. A prison official pulls a gun and declares that even "Gregor the Great" cannot escape a bullet to the head. Though bound in a straight jacket and thrown into a cell, Gregor seems unconcerned. Soon the prison guards find everyone dead, the prisoner gone and a single word scrawled on the wall in blood: "KOZMO."
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