Ep. #1607

Season 7, Episode 105 -  Air Date: 8/16/1993
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Donna finds Ridge in his office and she comments on how sad and alone he looks. He enquires if Donna has a man waiting for her in San Francisco. Donna tells him that she has never found a man who has made her feel the way Ridge makes Brooke feel. Nick and Brooke talk about the Brooke‘s Bedroom line and her modeling. Nick suggests Donna be the new face for the line. Brooke is a little unsure but mentions it to Donna anyway. Stephanie drops by to see Taylor, but Phoebe informs her that she isn‘t home. Stephanie says Taylor looked guilty at the funeral, then adds that Phoebe does too. Curious, Stephanie digs for information, telling Phoebe that she can tell her anything in private and that it won‘t ever go any further. Thorne and Taylor arrive at his home where Catherine is watching Alexandria. Taylor helps Thorne break the news of Darla‘s death to Alexandria.