Ep. #1597

Season 7, Episode 95 -  Air Date: 8/2/1993
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As the party continues, Eric lets Amber know that he knows about Becky‘s cancer. Eric hopes that what Amber is doing is the right thing. C.J. notices Eric hug Amber and questions her about it, but Amber insists that nothing is going on. Brooke and Thorne also become suspicious of what‘s really going on when Brooke sees Stephanie talking with Amber. Thorne attempts to call Macy but receives no response. As he leaves to find her, he forgets to take his phone. Macy calls Thorne back but Brooke finds Thorne‘s phone and answers, leaving Macy even more worried about Thorne and Brooke‘s involvement. As everybody leaves the party, Amber thanks Eric and Stephanie for all they‘ve done, while C.J. looks on. Macy is at an AA meeting and wonders why Thorne hasn‘t arrived to be with her to support Roberta. Thorne later arrives but everyone is gone, meanwhile Macy sits at home and finds alcohol in the cupboard.