Ep. #5817

Season 24, Episode 41 -  Air Date: 5/18/2010
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Stephanie can‘t hold her tongue when she and Eric discuss his selling the company. Eric is furious and walks out when Stephanie belittles him. Taylor comes by and warns Stephanie that she pushes Eric too far. Ridge is concerned after talking with Eric and tells Brooke that his parents marriage is failing. Brooke feels that they have had problems before but Ridge thinks it‘s more serious this time. Eric visits Jackie and she fears that he may hate her now that Nick has Forrester Creations. Eric supports Jackie and blames Stephanie for the whole mess caused. Taylor takes Stephanie to her office and attempts to dig further into her past. Stephanie clams up and refuses to talk when Taylor mentions her mother. Stephanie cracks when she remembers bad times with her father and admits to Taylor that her father used to beat her with a belt.