Ep. #5800

Season 24, Episode 24 -  Air Date: 4/23/2010
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Massimo gives Rick a crash course in corporate finance, but Rick isn‘t sure why Massimo is helping him. Massimo asks Rick to promise he won‘t tell anyone what they‘re doing. Amber tells Bridget about Rick‘s meeting with Massimo and admits her concern. When Bridget asks about the board meeting, Amber explains Rick might not go because he saw the agenda and it‘s all over his head. Taylor senses something is up when Chuck, a financial expert, shows up at Ridge‘s request to sit in on the meeting. Rick calls Amber and explains Massimo took him through the whole agenda and he‘s ready for the meeting. Amber tells Bridget she doesn‘t know what‘s going on, but if Massimo‘s involved, it can‘t be good. They worry that Rick is being set up. Massimo receives a package he‘s been waiting for, which contains a picture of Stephanie and Ridge. He promises someday they‘ll be together as a family, and when the Forresters let Ridge down, Massimo will be there for him. Massimo adds if Rick does as he says, that someday could be very soon. The meeting has just begun when Rick rushes in. Ridge whispers to Chuck when they are finished with him, Rick will wish he hadn‘t shown up.