Ep. #5605

Season 23, Episode 81 -  Air Date: 7/13/2009
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Ally continues to ask Thorne about Taylor. Stephanie helps Thorne to keep the truth from her. Thorne wonders if he‘ll ever be able to completely forgive Taylor, or if their relationship will always be doomed. Taylor talks with the guard about Phoebe and Shane. The guard advises Taylor to put the outside world out of her mind or else she‘ll drive herself crazy. Phoebe screams as Hector bashes Shane in the head with the baseball bat. Harry comes to and amongst the commotion Shane manages to vanish. Hector calls Baker and reports that Shane tried to rape Phoebe. She informs the Lieutenant that it‘s untrue and doesn‘t want to press charges. As the police search for Shane, he later approaches Phoebe and sobs that he loves her and only wanted her love in return. A bloody Shane rushes off, telling Phoebe that he‘s leaving town.