Ep. #5582

Season 23, Episode 58 -  Air Date: 6/10/2009
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Brooke sees a photograph of her kissing Ridge on the front page of a newspaper. Stephen tells Brooke that Ridge is taking advantage of her but Brooke snubs his opinions and brings up her childhood again. Stephen simply advises Brooke to marry Nick and be happy and leave the Forrester family behind. Stephen tells Brooke that he is leaving town. The wedding day arrives and Aldo senses that something is bothering Dante. Dante admits that his true love is Bridget and not Felicia. Thorne and Darla show Felicia the Forrester Creations showing room where she is the have the ceremony. Bridget arrives and Felicia asks her maid of honor if there are any remaining feelings between her and Dante, to which Bridget says no. However, Felicia later catches them kissing when Bridget melts in Dante‘s arms after telling her that he loves her.