Ep. #5548

Season 23, Episode 24 -  Air Date: 4/23/2009
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Rick is a bit unsure on if they should just go and take the baby away from the apartment. Eric says that Amber has no choice other than to move in now or else she will go to jail. Stephanie decides to go talk to Amber first. Amber is at work and CJ isn‘t impressed that Stephanie is there. CJ tries to throw her out but she gives him a lecture of the hazards of the apartment. When CJ refuses to cooperate, Stephanie orders him to give her the baby. Brooke and Bridget fly to Hawaii. On the flight, Brooke tells Bridget all the fun that they are going to have but Bridget gives her the cold shoulder. Kimberly begins working on Thorne. She tells him that Brooke is only letting him down after everything that he has sacrificed for her. Kimberly asks Thorne to let Brooke go and give his heart to her instead.