Ep. #5369

Season 22, Episode 96 -  Air Date: 8/4/2008
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Amber asks Rick for one more chance. Bridget tells Brooke to stop worrying because she is taking care of herself. Brooke admits to Bridget that she misses her, but Bridget insists that it‘s too soon to talk. When Eric hears what Amber did, he warns Rick that Amber is on the verge of self-destruction and she could take Rick down with her. Erica notes to Sheila that she doesn‘t want to be a home-wrecker. Sheila responds that if Amber doesn‘t respect her marriage to Rick, then why should Erica. Amber informs Rick that she‘s leaving, assuming he‘ll be relieved if he never has to deal with her problems again. She realizes that he needs a break and promises to call when she gets settled. Rick rushes after her when she walks out, and finds the wedding ring she left behind. Brooke asks C.J. why he hired Bridget and wonders if it‘s part of some plan to get back at Brooke. Erica confesses to Sheila how hard it is to see Rick hurting, and is sure that Rick and Amber will be able to work things out.