Ep. #5194

Season 21, Episode 172 -  Air Date: 11/26/2007
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Jackie breaks down as she sits in a holding cell. Agent Pacheco advises Jackie to confess to her crimes. Nick questions Massimo on whether he set Jackie up but Massimo just continues to bang heads with Nick over Brooke. Nick flips out and warns Massimo that if he had Jackie thrown into jail and doesn‘t help her, he will lose him as a son. Christian brings Felicia home to the guest house where Eric and Stephanie support her. Felicia‘s hair begins falling out as a result of the chemotherapy, so Felicia asks Stephanie to shave her head. Ridge, Thorne, Kristen and Darla gather at the main house and worry about Stephanie when they see a shrine to Felicia. Stephanie and Eric later bring Felicia in to return to the family and after some explanations, everyone sobs at the miracle of Felicia‘s living.