Ep. #5016

Season 20, Episode 247 -  Air Date: 3/12/2007
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Ashley meets with Rick. She informs him that she is in town for a meeting with his family about creating a fragrance for Forrester Originals to co-inside with the launch of the boutiques. Ashley tells Eric that Jabot Cosmetics and any chance of a future in Hong Kong are behind her. Eric offers her a job with the company and she agrees to consider it. Phoebe flirts with Rick in his office. Ashley witnesses it and remembers back to a fling she once had with Rick whilst in Paris. Storm, Donna, Nick and Jackie discuss the planned Rodeo Drive wedding. Donna and Storm try to find ways for them to receive the same press coverage as Forrester Originals. Jackie pushes Nick to take Brooke back before she marries Ridge, but Nick snaps at her. Jackie later hears Brooke warning Ridge that he will lose her if he ever becomes violent with Rick again.