Ep. #5015

Season 20, Episode 246 -  Air Date: 3/9/2007
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Rick has a meeting with Davis and Rita. Phoebe is intrigued watching him take charge. Phoebe later approaches him for a kiss, but he backs away and reminds her of their decision to cool things down. Phoebe is short with Brooke due to her caving in to Ridge‘s demands. Eric shows some new designs to Felicia, Bridget and Stephanie. Eric talks about the planned wedding on Rodeo Drive for the boutique openings. Stephanie starts in that the ceremony may no longer be taking place. Ridge makes it clear to Stephanie that he will still be marrying Brooke. Stephanie later finds Brooke in Ridge‘s office and jokes that there is still time to call the wedding off. Ridge apologises to Phoebe for hurting her but she threatens to never forgive him. Ashley Abbott shows up at Forrester Originals.