Ep. #5014

Season 20, Episode 245 -  Air Date: 3/8/2007
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Jackie comes home to find Nick watching a DVD of Hope‘s school play. Jackie guesses that Nick misses her and almost flips with excitement when Nick informs her that Ridge and Brooke may not be getting married. Taylor overhears Jackie telling Nick that he could still have a life with Brooke. Nick tells his mother that Brooke is not part of his future. Ridge and Brooke arrive back home. Ridge is still angry with Brooke for keeping the truth from him, but Brooke feels that Phoebe should be allowed to make her own decisions. However, Ridge is grateful to Brooke when she informs him that she has now asked Rick to end things with Phoebe. Rick pulls away from Phoebe‘s kiss. He tells her that he loves her, but suggests that they cool off for a while for the sake of the family. Phoebe agrees, but later vows to herself that the relationship is not over.