Ep. #5013

Season 20, Episode 244 -  Air Date: 3/7/2007
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Taylor is still unsure that Nick really wants her. Nick mentions the fact that if Brooke were available, Ridge would be too. They both promise to one another that Brooke and Ridge and both in the past and seal the deal by making love. Brooke demands that Ridge take his hands off Rick. Stephanie urges Ridge to be angry at Brooke for lying to him instead of being angry with Rick. Brooke yells at Stephanie to keep out of things, but confesses to Ridge that she did know about Phoebe and Rick‘s relationship. Brooke takes Rick aside and begs for him to see the trouble that is being caused. She asks that he end his involvement with Phoebe before things get worse. Brooke argues with Ridge for becoming violent toward Rick, but he argues that Brooke shouldn‘t have lied to him. Phoebe is glad that the truth is out in the open and kisses Rick.