Ep. #5012

Season 20, Episode 243 -  Air Date: 3/6/2007
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Taylor wonders whether Nick would want Brooke again if she and Ridge were to break up. Brooke comes by to bring Nick a present from Hope and is uneasy when she learns that Taylor is there. Brooke is furious when Nick tells her about Stephanie‘s visit. Brooke tells Nick that her problems with Ridge are not his concern. Nick reassures Taylor that he wants to be with her, even if Brooke was to become available. Stephanie informs Ridge that Phoebe and Rick are at the cabin. She drags him from the office and up to Big Bear. Brooke is worried when she hears of this whilst calling Ridge. Stephanie tells Ridge that Brooke knew all along. Rick and Phoebe light the fire for a romantic evening. Stephanie and Ridge confront them. Ridge fumes when Phoebe refuses to leave. Brooke is horrified when she enters and sees Ridge grabbing Rick by the throat.