Ep. #5011

Season 20, Episode 242 -  Air Date: 3/5/2007
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Nick brings Taylor home to his house. Taylor blames herself for the loss of his boat. Stephanie later comes by and tells Nick that Taylor isn‘t the right woman for him. Nick realizes that Stephanie has once again turned against Brooke and no longer wants her with Ridge. Nick informs Taylor of Stephanie‘s visit. They both agree that they are not going to play into Stephanie‘s games. Brooke warns Rick to keep things on the low with Phoebe. Brooke knows that Stephanie won‘t quit until she gets what she wants. Ridge tells Felicia that Stephanie is back on the rampage against Brooke. Stephanie again accuses Brooke of lying, but Brooke snaps at her to stay out of her life. Stephanie manages to get Phoebe and Rick together in Eric‘s office. Switching on the intercom, she listens to their conversation from Ridge‘s office and learns that they plan on going to the cabin in Big Bear.