Ep. #5008

Season 20, Episode 239 -  Air Date: 2/28/2007
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Taylor leads Nick on board his boat for a night of romance. Nick takes them out of the bay at her request, but later the boat breaks down and they are left stranded in the ocean. Taylor finds it adds to the mood and asks Nick to make love to her. Brooke is furious that Rick and Phoebe are still seeing one another. She warns them of the disastrous consequences it could cause. Brooke agrees to give her support to them exploring a relationship when she sees how much they care for one another, but Brooke adds that Ridge has to know too. Stephanie asks Ridge if he is sure that he wants to marry Brooke again, she questions if he is the only man in Brooke‘s heart. Stephanie agrees with Ridge‘s decision to stop any involvement between Phoebe and Rick.